I’m not Mateusz

Copyright Mateusz MA couple times a week, mainly on Twitter, I receive messages for some Mateusz. But other ones. Mostly for Mateusz M, a Polish guru guy who has this baseline « I want the world to be better because I was here ». Yeah baby !!

This young guy makes nice motivational video montages. At this time, he has 749,435 subscribers and 143,105,081 views on YouTube. With only 21 videos. It’s pretty cool. This video is his most viewed with more then 30 millions !! It’s quite impressive.

But I have the Twitter account @Mateusz and he has @TheMateuszM. So every week, there are disappointed people looking for well-known Mateusz, but they fall on me. A French speaking Belgian-Polish guy not motivational at all. I’m sorry for that. I beg your pardon : I’m not Mateusz. I’m Mateusz but not Mateusz M. I’m Mateusz Kukulka. One of the Mateusz Kukulka. I’ve found severals on Facebook or on Skype. I’m not the only one. You can contact Mateusz M HERE. But, if I can suggest, for the motivational videos, maybe you should check what Gary Vaynerchuk is sharing. Maybe.

There are not that Mateusz M

Mateusz M is not the only Mateusz for whom I receive messages. There are others. After all, it’s logical. Mateusz is a common polish first name. He was one of the Bible evangelists. In a catholic country, you can imagine the impact of such a name :-D From today, i’m going to archive all tweets I will wrongly receive for a Mateusz who is not me. This post will be the memory of lost tweets for the Mateusz of the world.

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